Welcome to the new Rapt Media

Welcome to the New Rapt Media

As you know, we’ve recently rebranded to Rapt Media, and the final step in this transition is the launch of the new Rapt Media website. We are thrilled to unveil what we’ve been working on during the past few months.

Our rebrand is the result of our focus on becoming the singular, scalable, in-house creative solution for business and agencies looking for more creative uses of online video. We see an opportunity to address the rapidly growing need for this creativity by corporations and media properties alike, and we are giving them a technology platform and product suite that not only improves content quality, but also increases viewer engagement.

Video continues to become the medium of choice for corporate sales, marketing and web professionals. Hundreds of millions of Americans watch videos on the web all the time. Companies have and are continuing to spend billions on videos; online retailers alone have tens of thousands of videos on their sites.

It’s usually the first place people click, but people aren’t sticking around. It’s bringing in viewers but it’s not keeping them, and now the question is… why?

Most technology developed for online and mobile video has been targeted at storage and distribution issues, which meant that the first chapter of online video was largely about delivering the videos and managing the data that they created. Unfortunately, this meant that no one was thinking about how online and mobile video should be different from TV and film. The web is powerful because of relevance, user-navigation, search and social sharing – and for too long, video has failed to harness those.

Rapt Media is changing that. We’re leveraging the click-through power of the web, resulting in experiences that engage, produce revenue, and address the real-life business needs of retailers, technology vendors, entertainment companies and other organizations, working with their existing distribution strategies to increase ROI.

We hope that you’ll take some time to look around and discover our new brand, and keep checking back with our blog and social pages for the latest from our team and insight on the video industry and where it’s going, including regular updates from our fearless leader, Erika Trautman.

The evolution of online video is underway.

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