Should you build or buy your interactive video platform? 5 things to consider before making the call


In a recent story written by TechCrunch about Rapt Media’s latest funding announcement, one comment in particular caught our eye. The commenter was curious about what makes our product worth a total funding of $7.5 million when, in his mind, it’s something that a custom development shop can build for a lot less.

After three years in the interactive video business, this type of question still comes up from time to time – often when talking to a prospective customer who’s evaluating interactive video vendors versus building a custom one-off video experience in-house. In the era of YouTube, it’s understandable for consumers to look at online video and think it’s cheap, easy, and straightforward – and with the right tools, it can be.

But there’s more to online video than the end product the viewer sees and shares with their friends on Facebook. How the video works behind the scenes is a whole other story, and the reality of video delivery on the internet is anything but simple. If you want to build a top-notch interactive video experience, you first need to decide whether to build or buy the platform. Here are the five key pieces to take into account before making that decision…

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5 surprising ways that cooking and coding are remarkably similar

DSC_7204 copy

I’ve always said there are many parallels between coding and cooking, so when our content team approached me about taking to the kitchen for an interactive cooking show, my answer was an immediate “yes.”

After spending a day in the spotlight while filming the first installment of  “Baking with Jonathan,” I spent some time decompressing and realized that a lot of what we did that day while shooting our Interactive Video could be related to coding.

Here are five examples of decoding the recipe that coding cooks will appreciate.

1. Declare all of your variables.

When cooking (especially on video!), it’s often helpful to get all of your ingredients together and measured ahead of time. This is very similar to declaring all of your variables at the beginning of a code block, which some programming languages require.


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