Forrester Report: Benefits of Interactive Video Featuring Rapt Media


Forrester recently published a comprehensive report on the benefits of Interactive Video entitled “Move Beyond Awareness With Interactive Video” [synopsis here]. The report covers how interactivity results in higher completion rates, engagement, and ROI and we’re excited to share this with you as Rapt Media case studies are showcased several times. The report outlines the benefits of Interactive Video, as well as the “shortfalls in current approaches to online video and the benefits that interactive video can bring, and will provide marketers with an action plan on how to get started with this emerging technology.”

According to the report, companies are increasing online video ad spend by nearly 19 percent in Europe, and by more than 22 percent in the U.S., and interactivity amplifies the return on investment from this video spend significantly. The report noted that average completion rates for linear video advertising, depending on placement and device, typically lie within the 50 to 85 percent range. Rapt Media, however, typically sees IV completion rates of 90 percent and above — often with repeated views for the same video as consumers explore all paths of the interactive storyline.

Check out the synopsis of the report above, and let us know what you think. If you would like to get the entire report it can be purchased here.

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