How many times will you die today?’s interactive video puts a different spin on life insurance


We love when companies use our interactive video platform to create cool projects that explain big topics in an easy-to-understand and interesting way., UK’s leading price-comparison website, recently announced the launch of its new video project, “How Many Times Will You Die Today,” to promote life insurance. The campaign emphasizes the importance of life insurance by taking the viewer through a day-in-the-life, video-game-like experience that uncovers some of the potential, not-so-obvious ways a person can die in a day and how dangerous the average day can actually be.

“In order to highlight the importance of having an up-to-date life insurance policy, the videos enforce that nobody can ever know what’s going to happen to them on a daily basis, and how many brushes with death they may experience, be it choking on a piece of toast, or tripping over a pile of dirty laundry,” said in a press release.

In the video, the viewer is tasked to make it safely through the end of the day by correctly choosing the safest options and finishing the game. Clicking the right answer takes the viewer on to the next video scenario, and choosing the wrong option results in the viewer having to return to the beginning of that sequence and hopefully choosing the correct (safest) option the second time.

For each wrong choice selected, the video provides a statistic about how that choice can harm you. For example, you may be surprised by the answer when you’re asked if you should cook dinner or heat leftovers. One of those choices can result in food poisoning – an illness that says 5 million people a year fall ill to.

Following the users’ experience with these related statistics further drives home the point that we may not be as invincible as we may think, and an up-to-date life insurance policy can be needed at any unexpected moment.

“We wanted to approach the way people think of life insurance in a different way,” said Joby Russell, marketing director at “By working with Rapt Media on this project we are able to create videos in a way that offers more interactive content to our audience, including on mobile devices. This was beneficial for us to help people clearly understand why they need life insurance.”

Because of the video-game-like storyline of the interactive video, was able to make the sensitive subject of death a little easier to understand and to inform viewers that death is a subject that needs to be thought about.

“We’re thrilled that used our interactive video platform to create a one-of-a-kind, innovative project that stresses the importance of life insurance,” said Jennifer Burak, VP of marketing at Rapt Media. “Not only will offer an engaging, video-game-like experience to their viewers, the video will also be viewable on mobile devices, allowing to reach its customers wherever they are. In addition, will benefit from the insightful analytics that Rapt Media’s interactive videos offer.”

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