Rapt Media bridges gap between video and commerce with Kara Ross NY and Gaiam TV


Rapt Media has had its hands full recently with the launch of two noteworthy video marketing programs. Combining fast and easy implementation, scalability, and analytics allowed luxury accessory company Kara Ross New York and streaming TV service Gaiam TV to directly connect each Interactive Video campaign to measurable business results. These brands were able to quickly and easily transform existing video assets into scalable, premium, revenue-generating, interactive experiences.

According to the recent Forrester report, “Move Beyond Awareness with Interactive Video,” marketers are missing opportunities with IV. Most brands are trading depth of experience and engagement for bulk distribution and the singular goal of awareness when they settle for lowest-common-denominator video formats. However, by capitalizing on the increased viewer engagement time of Interactive Video, Kara Ross New York and Gaiam TV are establishing their brands as innovative and cutting-edge among their audiences.

“Rapt Media’s online video has been used effectively as a communication tool and has proven its popularity online with entertainment brands, like Cinemax, but now forward-thinking brands across verticals are leveraging the power of Interactive Video to build active relationships – creating two-way engagement with their audience,” said Erika Trautman, CEO of Rapt Media. “Kara Ross and Gaiam TV’s projects are perfect examples of how IV can help industries – from entertainment and retail to health and wellness.”

Let’s take a look at each company’s interactive experiences…

Kara Ross New York Collaboration Introduces Shoppable Video to New Website

Kara Ross New York, the luxury accessories company known for its bold and unique designs, recently celebrated the opening of its first standalone boutique and the launch of a new website. For the new site, Kara Ross New York teamed up with Rapt Media to create an IV where site visitors can interact with video and make purchases directly online.

“As we celebrate our tenth-anniversary, I wanted something unique and forward thinking for our website,” said Kara Ross. “As the retail world moves to an ‘omni-channel’ experience, I want to give shoppers who can’t come into our boutique a chance to experience the Kara Ross brand in a unique way online.”

Rapt Media’s technology enables companies to take video footage and create a shoppable experience, bridging the gap between video and commerce. As users move through Ross’ video, the jewelry and handbags seen on the video screen appear directly below the video where users can add products to their cart with one click.

To produce this type of experience the Rapt Media team leveraged their platform’s powerful player API, which allows a brand to create a conversation between a video and the surrounding website. Tag any video with a product ID at the specific point at which that product appears onscreen and that tagged product is then dynamically loaded from the e-commerce database into a carousel below the video player, providing the viewer with a shoppable product history of the items that appear on the video.

Companies can monitor and update projects remotely, which means once a Rapt Media project is embedded on a page the company doesn’t have to touch that page again; it can add items and swap videos entirely through the Rapt Media platform. Rapt Media can build this integration with any e-commerce platform. Check out the shoppable video here.

Gaiam TV Doubles Conversions with Rapt Media IV

Gaiam TV – a streaming media service offering unique original programming designed to transform mind, body, and soul – joined forces with Rapt Media to conduct a subscription conversion test that positioned a standard, static Gaiam TV landing page against a Rapt Media-designed and -powered interactive Gaiam TV landing page. While the static landing page only offered visitors links to other videos and information, the interactive landing page incorporated an immersive video with in-video calls to action.

By monitoring analytics data from the Gaiam TV interactive video landing page, the Rapt Media team was able to track user activity through the videos and determine which segments and calls-to-action performed the best. They then made incremental changes to the landing page over the course of the 4 week trial based on the highest performing assets.

The result was dramatic. The Rapt Media-powered landing page pulled ahead of the standard landing page by the third week and doubled conversions by the fourth week. Considering the implementation process took less than two days to creatively map out, edit, and build, the outcome was outstanding.

“The conversion results from our Interactive Video activation with Rapt Media certainly exceeded our expectations and resulted in a very noticeable increase in subscriptions,” said Andrea G. Scott, Director of Marketing for Gaiam TV. “Not only is the platform powerful and simple to use, but the creative and technical support of their team made our move into this new medium fun and successful.

The interactive landing page generated double the total amount of subscriptions, increased average viewing time by 35 percent, and doubled the completion rate of the first step in the shopping cart. Check out our full Gaiam TV case study for more info.

For more on how you can create an Interactive Video campaign for your company, click here.

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