Rapt Media Unveils Site Pairing Technology, Links Website and Video Player Delivering the Most Advanced Interactive Video Solution


Today, we’re thrilled to announce that our patent-pending Site Pairing technology is officially out of beta and into the hands of creatives, marketers, brands, and agencies. Our new Site Pairing technology, which creates a link between your video and your website, allows your creative or content team to quickly and easily build a scalable Interactive Video (IV) framework that enables communication between your videos and your website.

“Online Videos have traditionally been dead ends to brands and marketers,” said Erika Trautman, CEO and co-founder of Rapt Media. “Viewers can’t navigate from them, and often leave a site altogether if the content isn’t exactly what they’re looking for.”

Site Pairing technology integrates Rapt Media’s Interactive Video player with the customer’s website to facilitate a two-way conversation between the player and the host-site. When a viewer now clicks on a Rapt Media video with Site Pairing, the website around the frame responds; and when a user clicks on the website, the video responds.

Imagine you’re shopping online and click on say, a pair of boots. With Site Pairing, the website around the video could populate with images of similar boots, or a survey could pop up, or a shopping cart could populate, or a new page could open – and then imagine the visitor clicks on an image of a different pair of boots, and then the video jumps to a demo of that product. Taking a step back, we see that the website and its embedded media are having a true conversation. “There is nothing that you’ve come to expect on a website, that we can’t duplicate in a video,” said Trautman. “And now the two are talking.”

Before Site Pairing, creating a comprehensive, immersive, user-directed experience required multiple agencies and consisted of an expensive customized project that couldn’t be updated or repurposed. With Rapt Media’s Site Pairing technology, however, brands can quickly implement the technology and can infinitely replicate that platform for future projects.

Screen grab via Cinemax's 'Banshee.'

Screen grab via Cinemax’s ‘Banshee.’

The most recent example of a stellar use of our Site Pairing technology can be seen in Cinemax’s interactive microsite for the second season of its hit action series, “Banshee.” With Rapt Media’s unique capability to “pair” its video player with the website, Cinemax can deliver a user-driven, personalized experience with background “Banshee” clips that fill out the season’s story. Because of Rapt Media’s full HTML5, Flash-free technology, viewers are able to access the content on any mobile device or PC, allowing Cinemax to reach all of its viewers.

In addition to entertainment uses like Cinemax’s interactive “Banshee” microsite, Site Pairing technology can be used as an effective marketing channel. By capturing customers’ attention by offering choices, those choices can be transformed into a high-converting custom experience. Site Pairing can also be used to drive sales with shoppable video, and provide dynamic user-directed e-learning tutorials.

Interested in learning more? Further information on Rapt Media’s Site Pairing technology can found here, or check out the full press release for additional info.

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