‘Storytelling 2.0’ – Ep. 3: Adopting interactive video


What does it mean to be an early adopter? Sure, one could equate the term with someone who camps outside an Apple Store to be one of the first to snag the newest iPhone (yes, that’s a little extreme). But what is it really like to be an early adopter of a technology at a larger scale – say an agency or business deciding to use a groundbreaking new piece of software, for example?

To find out first-hand what it’s like to be an early tech adopter, we spoke to digital marketing and social media agency Room 214, whom you may remember from our interactive video series’ most recent episode, “The Pros and Cons of Hiring Outside Agencies.”

Clients are constantly looking to their agencies to find out what’s new and what’s next. Room 214 is back in our latest installment to give you an inside peek into how they tackle some of the challenges associated with being an early adopter of new technologies, such as interactive video.

“Like any new technology trend, there’s a learning curve and process that need to happen to bring a movement to its tipping point,” Room 214 CEO Jason Cormier said in the video. Joined by his team, Cormier explains how Room 214 creates the ripple effect by educating and inspiring the company, its clients, and its community.

According to Room 214 director of creative services Jen Casson, driving change within the agency starts with inspiring the team itself. “That source of inspiration could come from many different places, like a client, a vendor, or an employee that’s just running past an idea or technology,” Casson said in the video.

Watch and interact with Room 214 as they share their experience of what it takes to successfully adopt a new technology.

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