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Today marks the public launch of our new “freemium” pricing model which provides each FlixMaster user with a free account – this means free uploading, creating, editing, publishing, and free plays! Starting today, each account created will be pre-populated with a publish credit for the first project as well as 200 plays so that everyone can create and share next-generation interactive video experiences – from inspired individuals to high-end agencies. We’re thrilled to open up our platform for content creators and editors of all backgrounds because we believe that interactive video is the future of digital storytelling and social TV. We’re encouraging everyone to stake their claim on the frontier of this new medium for visual communication. Head over to www.flixmaster.com or click the link below to sign up for a TOTALLY FREE account today! What interactive experience are you going to create? SIGN UP TODAY AND START CREATING VIDEOS WITH FLIXMASTER FREE! P.S., check out our new tutorial video!

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FlixMaster launches the future of interactive online video at Fortune Brainstorm Tech


First-ever Truly Comprehensive Production Platform Now Offers Free Accounts for All Users

ASPEN, CO — July 17, 2012 — FlixMaster (www.flixmaster.com), the first user-driven online video platform that radically changes the video experience for producers and viewers alike, made its public launch today at the Fortune Brainstorm: TECH conference, demonstrating its game-changing technology and announcing a “freemium” service that allows anyone to use FlixMaster at no cost.

The applications for the FlixMaster platform are nearly infinite, spanning from individual to commercial uses — all made more compelling and engaging by FlixMaster’s unique ability to make video non-linear, participatory and social. The FlixMaster platform has already been adopted by USA Network for an interactive online video prequel created for the network’s hit TV series “Covert Affairs.”


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FlixMaster presenting at Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference

Today, a collection of the world’s top thinkers in the online tech, media, and social worlds come together in “ideal – and idyllic” Aspen Colorado for Fortune Magazine’s Brainstorm Tech Conference. The event promotes itself as “where innovators meet the next generation of leaders to shape the future of business” and we’re thrilled that our fearless founder and CEO Erika Trautman is there representing FlixMaster.

Tomorrow she will be giving a product demo and making a pretty exciting announcement.  The discussions taking place at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference cover everything from the future of entertainment to the state of the tech IPO, and we’re excited to jump in on these conversations.

In particular, we’d like to share our thoughts on the topic of “Education Innovation” that will be discussed at one of the “Special Sessions” on Tuesday afternoon.


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Erli Bird + FlixMaster: Incentivizing Innovation

Shout out to all the “Early Adopters” at Erli Bird, our newest channel partner who’s getting the word out about hot tech startups like FlixMaster. Erli Bird’s mission is to promote quality tech apps and services and reward users who get in “erli” with incentives like discounted subscriptions and other promotional offers. We’re super excited to be featured on the site and connect with the Erli Bird community, folks that appreciate new tech platforms that are going to hit big. That’s why we’re offering Erli Bird’s community members 3 FREE months of our FlixMaster Pro subscription!

In case you forgot, that includes: 10GB of free storage, 50,000 project plays, one-click sharing to social networks and embedding on any website, unlimited access to our innovative video editor, unlimited projects, unlimited publishing, and advanced analytics – a package worth $900! We’re always looking for content creators because we can’t wait to see more of the ways creative folks use our interactive video creation platform - we’re excited to see what the Erli Bird community will bring to the table.


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USA Network’s ‘Sights Unseen a Covert Affairs Prequel’ powered by FlixMaster!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the latest FlixMaster-powered project, an interactive web series from NBC Universal/USA networks – “Sights Unseen,” a prequel to the hit series “Covert Affairs.” The five-part series kicked off today with its first episode and will provide viewers with a deeper backstory for Chris Gorham’s character Auggie, allowing fans to make critical choices in an original story about his first mission after being blinded.

The web series will run for five concurrent weeks, so make sure you stay tuned to participate in the interactivity! We’re committed to making every video experience participatory and engaging, and “Sights Unseen” exemplifies some of the unique, engaging, and out-of-the-box possibilities that FlixMaster’s platform makes possible. We’re thrilled to be working with such awesome folks! Cheers to #covertaffairs #superfans everywhere!

Watch the first episode now.

Read the Press Release.

Don’t forget to comment and tell us your favorite path in the video!

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