Cinemax and Rapt Media launch Interactive Video microsite for ‘Banshee’ Season 2


If you didn’t get enough of Cinemax’s original action series “Banshee” last year, you’re in for a treat. We’re thrilled to announce that Rapt Media is once again powering the interactivity for Cinemax’s “Welcome to Banshee” video microsite for the show’s second season.

Using Rapt Media’s Interactive Video Solution Suite to support the revamped digital microsite, Cinemax delivers viewers an unprecedented and immersive dive into more than 74 background “Banshee” clips that amplify the season’s story. Each viewer will drive their own interactive experience of the content by following characters, storylines, and symbols, to piece together a unique narrative.

The “Banshee” web experience will integrate content from both seasons, rolling out fresh, updated weekly scenes that provide a deeper exploration of the “story behind the story.” Most video clips will offer additional content, such as a comic or quote, enhancing the immersive “Banshee” experience. Viewers can follow that pop-up to another video – and, ultimately, to another path – or they can continue watching the current video.

“Collaborating with Cinemax for the first season of ‘Banshee’ was fantastic, and now we’re excited to take that experience to the next level for Season 2,” said Erika Trautman, CEO of Rapt Media. “Cinemax has created a one-of-a-kind experience for ‘Banshee’ viewers, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”

Because of Rapt Media’s full HTML5, Flash-free technology, viewers are able to access the content on any mobile device or PC, allowing Cinemax to reach all of its “Banshee” fans.

“We’re excited to work with Rapt Media again this year as we expand and refine the digital experience for the much-anticipated second season of ‘Banshee’,” said Adam Dubov, Executive Producer/Creative Director of HBO Digital and Social Media for and “Rapt Media provided the interactive capabilities, flexibility, and expertise to make the interactive execution quick and easy.”

Check out the full press release to find out more about how Rapt Media and Cinemax created an interactive microsite unlike any other.

You don’t have to be Cinemax to build your own Interactive Video or interactive microsite; it’s actually quick and easy. Click below for more info.

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