Rapt Media Introduces Site Pairing Technology to Transform Online Video Experience

Video Optimization Technology Links Website and Video Player, Delivering the Most Advanced Interactive Video Solution

BOULDER, CO-(Marketwired - Feb 11, 2014) - Rapt Media, the fastest and easiest way to create world-class Interactive Videos, today announced the official launch of its patent-pending Site Pairing technology, which breaks down the wall separating online video from website capabilities, finally solving what was a costly and fractured online experience. The new technology is poised to transform the online media experience by creating a link between the video player and the website on which it is posted, enabling creatives and content producers to quickly and easily build immersive, mobile-ready, video-based web experiences at scale without worrying about technical implementation.

Whether responsible for developing premium brand marketing videos, shoppable video campaigns, interactive corporate trainings and tutorials, or high-end video microsites, Site Pairing presents an entirely new solution for captivating audiences and measuring that engagement.

Integrating Rapt Media’s Interactive Video (IV) player with the customer’s website, Site Pairing facilitates a two-way conversation between the player and the host site. When a viewer clicks on a Rapt Media video with Site Pairing, the website around the frame responds; and when a user clicks on the website, the video responds.

Rapt Media’s IV platform and Site Pairing technology are the cornerstones for creating engaging video microsites that deliver the premium experience viewers expect from premium brands. Following a private launch of the Site Pairing technology for Cinemax’s second season of its hit series “Banshee,” Rapt Media is now adding this disruptive resource to its suite of Interactive Video solutions available with the Rapt Media SaaS Interactive Video platform.

Before Site Pairing, creating a comprehensive, immersive, user-directed experience required multiple agencies and consisted of an expensive customized project that couldn’t be updated or repurposed. With Rapt Media’s Site Pairing technology, however, brands can quickly implement the technology and can infinitely replicate that platform for future projects.

“Having the option to choose how visitors interact and consume disparate pieces of content creates a more personalized and engaged interaction that brands can update, track, and directly tie to business objectives,” said Erika Trautman, CEO and co-founder of Rapt Media. “By integrating a website with our video player using our Site Pairing technology, our customers can get the most out of their website and all the content they’ve invested in — and that’s the future of online video.”

In addition to entertainment uses like Cinemax’s interactive “Banshee” microsite, Site Pairing technology can be used as an effective marketing channel. By capturing customers’ attention by offering choice, that choice can be transformed into a high-converting custom experience. Site Pairing can also be used to drive sales with shoppable video and provide dynamic user-directed e-learning tutorials. Examples of real Interactive Video campaigns for each use case can be found here.

According to the recent Forrester report, “Move Beyond Awareness with Interactive Video,” companies are increasing online video ad spend by nearly 19 percent in Europe, and by more than 22 percent in the U.S., and interactivity amplifies the return on investment from this video spend significantly. The report noted that average completion rates for linear video advertising, depending on placement and device, typically lie within the 50 to 85 percent range. Rapt Media, however, typically sees IV completion rates of 90 percent and above — often with repeated views for the same video as consumers explore all paths of the interactive storyline.

For more information on Rapt Media and its Interactive Video solutions, visit www.raptmedia.com/site-pairing. For more information on the current promotion for all new Rapt Media customers, visit #InteractiveEffect.

About Rapt Media
Rapt Media is the fastest and easiest way to create world-class Interactive Videos (IV) and is fundamentally changing how companies engage their customers online. With its suite of powerful browser-based solutions and team of digital media experts, Rapt Media makes it possible to create highly engaging, Interactive Video experiences at scale that deliver a better return on investment than standard video.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Rapt Media’s IV solutions transform online videos into clickable experiences that harness the power of the Internet — resulting in highly immersive content for marketing, sales, training, education, and entertainment. Rapt Media - Driving Interactive Video.

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