Rapt Media creates interactive version of joint Forrester webinar on latest video and mobile trends


Rapt Media recently teamed up with Forrester Research in an hour-long webinar, “Reach, Engage, and Convert with Interactive Video,” to discuss how big brands can build better relationships with customers through valuable video content.

Instead of just posting the presentation on Slideshare (okay, we did that, too), we created an interactive video version – giving viewers the ability to select the content that interests them most.

The beauty of interactive video is that it allows you to navigate to the content you find most valuable. We think the whole thing is worth watching, but that’s for you to decide!

In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How interactive video drives awareness and action
  • How interactive video outperforms traditional video
  • How to seamlessly integrate video on mobile
  • Strategies for nonlinear storytelling
  • How Philips used interactive video to learn about millennials

Choose whether to interact with Forrester or Rapt Media in this interactive webinar, or check out the Q&A to hear the answers to some of the questions asked at the end of the live webinar. Below is an outline of the choices you can make within the interactive webinar:

Forrester Research

  • Online Consumer Trends
  • Digital Marketing Trends
  • Growing Demand for Interactive Video

Rapt Media

  • Mobile Trends
  • Case Studies
  • Shift from Traditional to Interactive Video

As you can see, there are plenty of choices to make within this video. Big Brands are using the power of choice to drive impressive results – and you can, too!  So, click here to watch and interact with the video, and select the topics that speak most to you.

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