Martini Racing builds gamified Formula One contest with Rapt Media’s Interactive Video technology


“Gamification designer” is listed as one of Mashable’s “10 Crazy Jobs that will Exist in the Future.” While “combining game logic with everyday activities, events, services and products to make the world a more playfully challenging place,” might seem like a silly job description to some, we don’t think it’s too farfetched. In fact, innovative companies are using gamification more and more to create interactive experiences for their customers.

Taking front stage in 2014, gamification is becoming the new norm in online Interactive Video. From high-end beverage companies like Martini to professional services firms like Deloitte to consumer electronics makers like Philips, smart brands and businesses of all types are making the move to interactive content.

One of the latest and greatest examples of gamification comes from Martini Racing and London-based creative agency Mr. President who recently launched an interactive and gamified experience for the Formula One™ Italian Grand Prix. Powered by Rapt Media’s patent-pending Site Pairing technology, the interactive contest portion of Martini’s campaign brings the heart-pounding action of racing to users’ PCs and mobile devices through a game of agility.

The faster the user’s reflex, the more points they gain. From hitting the ignition button to launch the speeding Formula One™ racecar to the finish, to clinking Martini glasses at the after party, the viewer is in control of the game as he attempts to gather the most points.

“The Martini Racing project is an elegant and thrilling example of how our Site Pairing technology can create a deeply engaging, game-like experience for a brand,” said Rapt Media CEO Erika Trautman. “It has been fantastic to work with such an innovative creative group like Mr. President to promote Martini Racing and the Formula One™ Italian Grand Prix.”

While not available in the U.S., the campaign will be rolling out in a number of European countries in the weeks building up to September’s Formula One™ Italian Grand Prix race. Check to see if the interactive campaign is available in your country.

With solid representation in Europe from innovative brands like Martini and other early Interactive Video adopters like Philips, gamifiication is ready to make the next move. Check out how interactive gamified video can make your business move at or contact us to learn more.

To view the full press release, click here.

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