Warner Bros., Rapt Media reimagine ‘Point Break’ with 3D interactive video

by Jen Bergen |

Have you ever snowboarded down a mountain with a 50-degree slope as an avalanche chases you? Not many people can say that they have, but now you can experience this and other adventures without even leaving your couch.

Warner Bros. Pictures has partnered with Rapt Media to create a series of interactive videos to promote the upcoming release of the “Point Break” film, coming to theatres on Christmas Day. The interactive experiences incorporate immersive 3D content that viewers can interact...


Industry Insight: 1to1 Media on 3 ways retailers can optimize customer experiences, ROI this holiday season

by Jen Bergen |

A recent 1to1 Media article highlighted three ways retailers can better maximize ROI during the holidays by optimizing customer experiences across multiple channels and devices. Suggested tactics include identifying improvement opportunities based on existing content performance, digging into trending keywords, and optimizing Web and mobile sites for increased seasonal traffic.

Of these recommendations, we believe that understanding the data around content engagement and audience insights is...


Marketing Land: Is the next marketing technology wave all about better creative?

by Erika Trautman |

This article was originally published on Marketing Land on Dec. 4, 2015.

The first marketing tech wave of ad tech has been all about media, placement and timing, focusing on where to put your ad, who to show it to, when to show it. The idea was simple: Leverage web’s technology to target the ad better.

But today, we see diminishing returns from this, as ad blocking and viewability challenge marketers’ ability to break through to customers. Basically, you can lead a horse to water, but…



Industry Insight: ClickZ on where to focus your videos in 2016

by Sierra Kohlruss |

Last week, we covered why video marketing is key to capturing millennials’ attention and how video is the one word on every marketer’s minds as they prepare their 2016 plans. We’ve been doing a lot of research into 2016 trends as we gear up for the new year, and one ClickZ article in particular recently caught our attention.

Based on key insights from AOL’s 2015 Video Industry Report and Crayon’s 2015 State of Video Report, ClickZ outlined areas in video for marketers to focus on in the...


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