What employees aren’t learning from onboarding and training

by Erika Trautman |

This article was originally published on Nov. 4, 2016 via Business2Community.

In a changing workforce dominated by digital transformation, an employee’s ability to learn and continue to develop professionally is crucial to their loyalty to a company or organization. Effective job training and professional development are not only prerequisites for long-term advancement, but they’re also highly valuable for an employee’s sense of personal fulfillment. The trouble is that most organizations...


Happy holidays! These interactive baking videos teach you how to ‘treat yo self’

by Jen Bergen |

It's December 15, which means we are T-minus 10 days to both Christmas and Chanukah. Yes, this is an unusual year where both holidays—Christmas Eve and the first night of the "Festival of Lights"—fall on the same night. Holidays aside, no matter what you celebrate, one thing we can all get behind is holidays treats.

We always find ourselves baking something to share with our friends, coworkers, and family (or ourselves...don't forget to treat yo self!) around this time of year, so we’re...


Rapt Media’s new hire onboarding gets a facelift, and how I got to go to Vegas!

by Andrew Dillman |

Editor's Note: We're thrilled to have Drew Dillman, Rapt Media's motion and visual designer, as our guest blogger.

Lights, roulette, celebrities, food, and...interactive video?

Sin City. An oasis of roulette tables, billboards, celebrity run-ins, buffets, and luxury hotels. The sounds of chips and jackpots combine with the smell of fried food and loss aversion in a dust-devil assault on the senses. This truly unique and magical desert getaway was the unlikely backdrop to The eLearning...


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