From A(ardman) to Z(ombies): The making of an interactive apocalyptic love story

by Guest Contributor |

By Sam Morrison

Editor's Note: We are honored to publish this guest blog written by Aardman director and writer Sam Morrison, who shares his candid insights into the making of "Dead Lonely," a gamified interactive storytelling experience.

In September 2015, Dan Efergan from Aardman's digital department asked me if I'd be interested in a project they were developing with Rapt Media. My background is animation —I work as a commercials director for Aardman—and writing—I regularly write for...


Getting your creatives to care about performance data

by Erika Trautman |

Anyone working in digital media today—particularly content marketing—will tell you that creative output is not where the job ends. On the contrary, the way the content performs is just as important as any other part of the process—something that's been urgently highlighted since the social media boom.

With traditional, more interruptive digital advertising falling by the wayside, more and more strategists are turning to content marketing to bring their brand's message to the masses. The...


Where is content technology investment going?

by Jen Bergen |

In a recent blog post, “What’s Holding Marketers Back From Investing in Content,” we discussed that marketers are hesitant to invest in content because of the lack of meaningful insights made available to them. We noted that the source of the problem is current content technology investment, which is what we're going to explore further today.

As interruptive advertising declines and social media continues to surge, content marketing has become a go-to strategy for brands. The pull versus...


Exploring interactivity and storytelling: Q&A with Aardman creative director Daniel Efergan

by Jen Bergen |

Interactivity is breathing new life into a wide array of industries and sectors, from human resources to entertainment and everything in between. One visionary team is pairing interactivity with animation to involve audiences in storytelling like never before.

Meet Daniel Efergan, Group Creative Director at Aardman, the Oscar award-winning studio known worldwide for bringing us beloved animated characters like “Wallace & Gromit” and “Shaun the Sheep.”

We sat down with Daniel to talk about...


Aardman and Rapt Media launch 'Dead Lonely,' an interactive zombie love story

by Jen Bergen |

We're thrilled to announce our new creative collaboration with Aardman, the four-time Oscar award-winning studio and talented team of storytellers behind “Wallace & Gromit” and “Shaun the Sheep." We wanted to go deeper to explore the relationship between interactivity and storytelling, so we teamed up with Aardman to create “Dead Lonely," a short, interactive film that's part story and part game.

We chose to partner with Aardman because our companies are both rooted in storytelling and...


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