FlixMaster presents HUNCH

by Basho Mosko |

An interactive choose-your-own-adventure-style mystery, HUNCH is a FlixMaster-powered web film about romance author Kaitlyn Camrose, who mysteriously dies in what seems to be an empty hotel room. She’s vacationing with her older husband and his son. As the viewer, you direct Detective Kyle Marquette’s murder investigation from beginning to end, choosing his actions at crucial decision making moments during the story.

Do you inspect the body or interview witnesses? Listen to audio recordings or review surveillance video footage? Each option has a ten second countdown, limiting your opportunity to weigh the choices for very long. Writer/director Ryan Hunter Phillips and producer Doug Landers believe interactive content is the future of entertainment and advertising. We might be biased but we tend to agree.

Think you have what it takes to help Detective Marquette crack this case? There’s only one way to find out. Below, FlixMaster presents HUNCH:

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Employee Engagement Report

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