LIVE WEBINAR: Interactive whiteboard video for customer onboarding

by Jen Bergen |

Market leaders are always looking for new ways to delight and engage customers. That’s because customer experience matters more than ever. Your customers now require richer interactions, deeper personalization, and greater access to information and options. By leveraging a new kind of video, you can create unique, real-time video experiences that deepen relationships and increase customer loyalty.

In a live webinar, Rapt Media VP of partnerships Greg Adamietz and Draw Shop CEO Summer Felix will explain how you can leverage a new kind of video, interactive whiteboard video, to captivate and engage your customers.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, “video is a mega trend.” In his keynote at Facebook’s F8 developer conference last year, he said that in the next decade “video will look like as big a shift in the way we share and communicate as mobile has been.” This shift is most definitely changing expectations as it relates to all of our online experiences.

And with 72 percent of customers preferring to use a company’s website to answer their questions, according to Forrester, and with only 54 percent of customers actually finding the information they’re looking for online, the need to surprise, delight, and engage your customers is greater now than ever before.

Join this live webinar to learn about:

  • Interactive whiteboard video and how it works
  • Choosing the right applications for interactive video
  • Interactive examples of customer onboarding
  • The benefits of choice, interactivity, and video education

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