Room 214, inContact create Rapt Media-powered interactive video that integrates with marketing automation system

by Jen Bergen |

Marketing a cloud-based contact center solution in a fun and entertaining way might seem like a feat to some, but digital marketing agency Room 214 found a way to make an engaging and informative video to promote its client inContact’s product. Using Rapt Media’s interactive video platform and piloting a new marketing automation system (MAS) integration, Room 214 and inContact created video content that not only speaks to each viewer but also allows them to gather valuable information about those viewers.

InContact was looking for a way to promote its Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center solution in a new and cutting edge way. It wanted to create an interactive video that could integrate with its MAS to help capture and score leads. “When inContact came to Room 214 with this idea, we pitched them on Rapt Media’s tool with Site Paring…knowing that it was the right solution and team of people to accomplish this,” said Room 214 producer and editor Jen Casson.

According to Casson, inContact has always been a leader when it comes to creating useful content. “They understand their customers, their needs, and the journey prospects take in their decision making process,” said Casson. “Their content strategy is always focused on giving their audience relevant information in an engaging way.”

With Rapt Media’s interactive video technology, users interact with the choose-your-own-path interactive video to serve their self-interest. As viewers answer questions in the video to make it more personalized and relevant to them, inContact is gathering that information, so follow-up sales communications can also be more targeted.

The result for inContact? Better lead scoring and lower barriers for conversion. In the same way that website owners can monitor how people are traveling through their site, inContact can now see how users are traveling through video.

To give you an example of how this works, the video starts out by offering the user two choices: is your call center a cost center or a profit center? The user selects an option, and then the video brings the viewer to a brief segment and then to the next choice point: what is his or her role at the company?

Selecting one option out of five choices, the viewer is then brought to another branch of overall video project specific to their role at the company. With each choice the user makes, he or she eliminates any irrelevant information, and inContact’s MAS captures all the pertinent info that normally would’ve been manually entered in a longer signup form.

Room 214 and inContact's project represents Rapt Media's strategy to create a suite of turnkey marketing automation integration solutions. We'll be making more announcements about that soon, and will share initial results of the project. Stay tuned, and check out the video below!

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