From the Product Desk: Click-Through Mode enables editing in preview

by Caleb |

Hey, everyone! I’m firing off a quick update from the Product Desk here at Rapt Media to tell all our content creators about a cool new feature we’ve added to our Composer: Click-Through Mode.

Here’s a quick intro to the feature:

Why it matters

For bigger, more complex projects, as you get to the end of the creation and editing process, we’ve heard that our content creators walk through the project as a user, then polish up any rough edges they find, often doing several “scrubs” of the content as the project nears completion.

Previously, the easiest way to do this was to preview in one window and then edit in another when you find something you need to fix. This process is slow, though, and sometimes you forget where you are in the project as you’re navigating through. Click-Through Mode allows authors to interact with the project while in the node editor so they can stop wherever they are and fix any problems in place, then continue.

What it does

Click-Through Mode hides most of the editing interface and makes the hotspots active so they behave as they would for a user. For example, if you’re on an Intro node, and you have a “Skip this intro” hotspot that takes you to a Menu node, clicking on that hotspot will take you to the Menu node. Toggling out of Click-Through Mode will allow you to edit the node you’re in. So, in the previous example, toggling out of Click-Through Mode would allow you to edit the Menu node.

Where to find it

Log in to the Rapt Media Composer and go into a project. Open the node editor (by double-clicking on one of the nodes in your project structure) and toggle the “Click-Through Mode” in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Log in & try it out!

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